Sliding constructions. New possibilities!

Wide opening doors and windows more and more give place to sliding constructions. And there are many reasons for that. Often is to be done:
- opening for very large width.
- space in the room is economize for opening a leaf.
- fine appearance is to make from inside or outside the room with minimal number of crosspieces of profile.
At present “Continent-Windows” offers wide possibilities for solving these questions with the best methods.

Sliding constructions.
- Leaves of maximal size.
- The aperture is opening partly.
- High width of the field of view.
- Energy saving features and hermeticity depend on construction type.




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Accordion bellows.
- Limitation on the width of leaves.
- Aperture opening for the whole width.
- Great number of leaves impede good field of view.
- Good energy saving features.



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Frameless glazing construction.
- Aperture opening for the whole width.
- The best field of view due to absence of profiles.
- Energy saving features are absent.


Sliding constructions

Lift-sliding doors (Hebe-Schiebe)

panoramic windows panoramic windows

Application. Principally new and perfect sliding construction. Production of hermetic sliding doors of very big size is possible. They are used for glazing terraces, winter gardens, swimming pools and many other premises. Such a door can become a replacement of one of the walls of the living room or a bedroom, from where a beautiful look to the garden will open. The main purpose of lift-sliding doors is visual integration of absolutely different rooms into united space, or uniting with the street. Advantages consist in the fact that practically “sliding” walls can be done with keeping excellent hermeticity and heat insulation. And of course, with leaves of big sizes available, plenty of light and field of view is guaranteed.

Construction. Opening of sliding doors occurs with uplifting the leaf. Due to special hanging system, the construction endures heavy weight loads on the furniture. Sealing by the contour is by means if rubber sealants. On the front part the sealants have appearance of petals and are pressed to upper guide piece at lowering the leaf for hermeticity. Schematically hermeticity is shown in the schemes. The schemes can be enlarged by mouse-clicking on them.

Lift-sliding doors of the company “Continent-Windows” are produced of special PVC-system Framex Hebe-Schiebe or aluminum system RST125.

The only drawback of the lift-sliding construction is that aperture wide opening is not possible for the whole width, for the moving principle of leaves is based on shifting one leaf behind the other. Its rather high cost is also a limitation.

Special features of profile systems of which lift-sliding constructions are made

Lift-sliding system Framex Hebe-Schiebe PVC

- Length of construction up to 10 m, leaf size up to 2700x3000 mm.
- Maximal hermeticity
- Maximal heat insulation (coefficient of resistance to heat transmission 0.79)
- The lowest doorsill gives convenience for use and care

Lift-sliding aluminum warm system RST125

- Length of construction up to 12 m, leaf size up to 3000x3000 mm.
- Maximal hermeticity

Tilt-sliding PVC systema

panoramic windows Application. Tilt-sliding constructions are often used as sliding windows or in apertures with little passability. Using them as sliding doors at glazing of balconies and loggias on the height from handrails to the top or for exit to the terrace, you should understand that the doorsill in this construction is a window frame which is not intended for being stepped on, and therefore an doorsill overlay should be included in the set, provided for the Framex-71 profiles. It is good to install a tilt-sliding construction in a small flat where space for opening the window leaf is to economize.

Operation of tilt-sliding constructions is based on the principle of the opening sliding door of the “Ikarus” bus: at first the leaf moves forward, and than it moves on the guide piece along the frame behind the dead part of construction. Wide opening of the aperture for the whole width is not possible, because space for moving the leaf back is required/

The drawback of using tilt-sliding constructions is the fact that there is a big limitation in the  leaf size (width up to 1.8 m, height up to 2.3 m).

Tilt-sliding system Framex-71
- Length of construction up to 3.2 m, leaf size up to 1.8x2.3 m
- Maximal hermeticity
- Maximal heat insulation (coefficient of resistance to heat transmission 0.79)
- High doorsill 71 mm.


Principle of furniture operation


                Closed                          Folded                           Shifted                        Furniture, side view


Sliding aluminum constructions

panoramic windows   panoramic windows

The fact is to be taken into consideration that constructions of aluminum are more rigid, and they endure big wind loading and allow performing large glazing area without bridges in comparison with PVC. Constructions of aluminum look lighter than those of PVC due to larger area of glass units and due to the fact that their profile has narrower section. But the PVC profile has better values on heat insulation, and constructions made of it look more massive. Aluminum, having lower values on heat insulation is used successfully in south regions or in summer premises, at glazing of balconies and loggias, a constructions of PVC – in all of others.

The action principle of sliding constructions is based on moving of leaves on parallel guide pieces. The leaves in the extreme position are locked. We use two types of aluminum sliding systems. At application of a sliding system, the space for leaf opening is saved, which is very important for space economy. The construction is not hermetic, and therefore the greenhouse effect from flowers and clothes drying is absent in this type of glazing. The leaves move on rollers, polymeric coating thereof gives noiselessness and smoothness to moving. In closed position the leaves are blocked by the snap-lock, which provides safety and fixation of closed leaves. This system finds nowadays wide application, since it allows solving a whole complex of questions connected with balcony finishing and fixation of closed leaves. Due to high doorsill it is not advisable to use it as interior partitions and doors. These constructions have no convenient doorsill (it is high enough and requires only care with a vacuum-cleaner), therefore as doors they should be used optionally – in places with low passability.

Sliding cold aluminum construction Framex S22

- Used for glazing of balconies.
- Economized space required for wide opening of the leaf.

It has wide application for glazing of balconies and loggias.

Sliding warm aluminum construction RST79
- Used for glazing of verandas, summer cafés, swimming pools.
- Provides excellent field of view in unheated, summer premises.

This system is more powerful than Framex S22 and sliding constructions of larger glazing area can be made of it. Besides, it has heat insulation features and can be used both in residential houses in south regions and in summer premises, swimming pools.

 Sliding construction “Accordion bellows”: 

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panoramic windows

We offer another sliding system – so-called “accordion bellows” (sliding folding system). The partition consists of several leaves which fold in the aperture like accordion bellows. The advantage of this system is a possibility of covering the apertures up to 6.5 m wide and 2.3 m high. With that, the maximal weight of the leaf should not exceed 80 kg, number of leaves not more than seven.

 “Bellows” is the only glazing method when opening is to be done for the whole width of the aperture and there is no space for moving the sliding system back. The bellows folds at that, and it practically does not require additional space for opening.

The “bellows” system can be made both of PVC profiles and of aluminum, but due to the fact that aluminum is more rigid and lighter in weight, the aluminum “bellows” work more reliably. Due to limitations in size of leaves, the construction of bellows creates in closed state an obstacle for the wide field of view of the surrounding landscape.


    panoramic windows  panoramic windows

 Frameless glazing systems


Frameless glazing system is ideal for glazing terraces. It also can be used for balcony glazing.
From outside, the system is a solid wall without frames and vertical poles. It visually enlarges the space of a balcony or of a terrace, and is practically invisible in closed state. Along with obvious esthetic advantages, frameless glazing systems create a complex of additional consumer features. In folded state the system almost does not take space, and convenience of hygienic service of balcony glazing is provided due to easy access to the both sides of leaves and due to absence of a doorsill.

Panels of the system are made of special tempered glass. They can roll freely by means of roller carriages on the rails fixed on the upper and lower edges of the aperture. The balcony can be completely opened by shifting glass section aside and turning them to the wall where they fold into a kind of a “book” and tale quite little space. Glazing is locked in closed state.

Glazing of large-sized apertures can be made with frameless system. Good effect can be achieved when glazing in this way a terrace of a private house, a wall of a café or of a restaurant. There appears feeling of complete being in the street. Such type of glazing is simply indispensable in case a wall is to be glazed facing the garden, or if a hotel or a café is in the park, at the sea-shore or in some other picturesque place.


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