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  Types of windowsills

купить подоконникThe windowsill is a significant and important part of a window system. Correct calculation of windowsill dimensions, choose of material and manufacturer will affect the way windowsill functions in the window system, namely function like any other element of the system. Nevertheless, the windowsill is an important esthetic part too. After installation, the windowsill gets different things on itself (flower pots and other objects, being stepped on during renovation and window washing), and therefore the windowsill should be strong enough and resistant, have high resistance to scratches, chemical substances and high temperatures, and be moisture-resistant.

Windowsills can be with matt and with glossy coating. And besides, they can have different material of base, different physical features and different cost.



  Werzalit windowsills

Windowsills of wood pressed plate

This class of windowsills is represented at the Plant “Continent-Windows” by high-quality windowsills produced by the German company Werzalit (Germany).

Windowsills are produced according to Werzalit technology patented all over the world. Its distinctive feature is pressing homogeneous wood-fiber base with strong decorative surface. Due to that, Werzalit windowsills are famous for extremely high durability, and their coating – for resistance to mechanical impacts. The coating is smooth and is easily washed, but it is not glossy, and therefore both classical and wooden decors look good.
Absolute moisture resistance of Werzalit windowsills to construction condensate and long life-time are achieved due to extremely high density of monolithic material, and also due to integrated form of nose not allowing moisture penetrating inside. Decorative coating which contains up to 5 layers is coalesced inseparably with the surface.

Подоконники Werzalit- in moist environment, Werzalit windowsills keep absolute density. Borders of Werzalit windowsills are formed as durable component when pressing. This means that there is no further gluing, no gluing seams and consequently no weak points for penetration of moisture which appears or vibration influence.
- esthetic, is easily washed
- high water-resistance, is not exposed to deformation in moist environment
- high light-resistance
- resistant to impacts of chemical agents
- resistant to mechanical damages, endures heavy loading
- high mechanical stability (to bending, does not leave scratches on the surface)
- does not change its geometry at large width
- there is large number of surface colors in range (delivery terms are specified on every color separately)

Decors (you choose the color you like and you will see how the windowsill looks in this décor)


Möller windowsills

 Подоконники MöllerMaterial of Möller windowsill does not contain substances harmful for health (formaldehyde). This material Lignodur consists of hard plastic and wood meal and its surface is finished with high-quality films based on melamine resins. In the process of extrusion the windowsill base is covered with one-millimeter PVC layer which renders excellent durable features to windowsills.

Möller windowsills:

- are produced by special technology from wood-plastic material and have high-quality melamine surface, resistant to scratches, impacts of chemicals and domestic detergents
- close from the butt end by means of removable attachments, and there is a special decorative profile for the seam at angular connection
- the windowsills have maximum width up to 60 cm, that makes them suitable for installation in old brick houses with large depth of window apertures
- are immune to impacts of water, chemicals and microorganisms
- are resistant to sun radiation, heat.

In household, advantage of the Möller windowsill is that it is easy to take care about. It does not absorb dirt, fat, soot (appearing of which is possible in the kitchen), and also the traces of flowers, tea or coffee cups do not remain on them, and they are difficult to scratch or damage during renovation. The width range – from 100 to 600 mm allows using Möller windowsills both at new construction and at renovations and reconstruction. The windowsills can be ordered in colors: white, golden oak, marble. Delivery of other colors is possible to order.

The Möller windowsills are windowsills of average price range.

LDS-30 series is windowsills with glossy coating. PC-40 series – with matt coating

   Windowsills colors LDS-30 (gloss):                                               Windowsill PC-40 (matt):


    White            Carrara marble       Light marble                                       White            Golden oak

Ukrainian windowsills

Ukrainian inexpensive plastic windowsills have the same features as the window PVC profile:
подоконники пвх

- Have an attractive price.
- Resistant to rotting and decay.
- Resistant to impacts of UV-rays.
- Moisture-proof.
- Inflame-resistant.
- Do not contain formaldehyde resins.
- Negative feature – complicacy in care due to non-glossy coating.
Coating consists of semisolid lower film painted with light-resistant pain and acryl film.

Stampingisstable. Absence of changes of stamping, glitter and color at short-term temperature loading (testing during 10 min. at t=80°С). Temperatureresistance. Longtemperatureresistanceatt < 65°С. Chemical resistance. The film is resistant to such substances as ammonia water, drying oil, industrial naphtha, weak water solutions of alcohol, detergents (not rubbing), water and construction materials (cement, gypsum). The film is not resistant to organic solvents, mixtures of organic solvents.

Mainly, these windowsills are sold in white color, but there is a possibility to order windowsills in colors “white”, “marble” and “golden oak”.


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