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Entrance doors

Entrance door is the face of a house. It should be fine, of high quality and it should be a reliable protection against intrusion.

Entrance doors can be made of wood, metal, PVC or aluminum. But the usual steel is subjected to corrosion, and the wood gets scratched, swells and cracks with heat. Plastic doors and doors of aluminum will serve longer for they are not sensitive to moisture, but we recommend using doors of PVC and aluminum rather for service rooms for the reason of their weaker protectability against vandalism in comparison with metal.

Entrance doors of aluminum


Aluminum entrance doors have a vast range of application. Due to their particular physical features (lightness, rigidity of construction), loading on hinges gets reduced, and the doors serve long without sagging. The main advantage of doors of aluminum is keeping the construction geometry during long operation period and absence of corrosion.

Doors of warm aluminum look fine and often serve as entrance doors of an office, a shop, since constructions of aluminum are reliable when used in rooms with high frequency of opening. These doors can be an entrance of a modern cottage in case of guarded and well protected neighboring territory. An aluminum door of a cottage can be glazed with a very beautiful stained-glass window or glass packets with application of frame bars. And besides, doors of cold aluminum have an attractive price.

Aluminum doors can be completed with an office handle or a press set. Sealing in aluminum entrance doors runs in closed contour, which has positive influence on hermeticity and, consequently, absence of draught.

Angle joints of profiles made with high quality are very important for durable functioning of aluminum doors made with application of aluminum profiles. Stabile and hermetic junction of angles and joints in Asas-10 profile is obtained due to special nailed or stamping connections followed with presizing of angle connections with special hermetic glue. Modern technology of gluing provides rigidity, reliability and accuracy of connections treatment. Asas-46 and Asas-69 are joined by crimping. Special crimping machine performs crimping accurately and of high quality.

To increase rigidity of door constructions, the lower element of a door leaf (base) is often made of profile wider than others. At that, T-shaped connection is applied, and not angle connection.

Aluminum doors can be “warm” and “cold”. More in detail about that can be read in the article "Warm and cold constructions".

Entrance doors of PVC


Life time of a plastic door depends directly on installed hinges and locking furniture. Therefore the plant “Continent-Windows” (“Continent-Windows”) has studied thoroughly the market and it offers only reliable and high-quality furniture for its customers.

Entrance door of PVC has high heat and acoustic insulation, it has better pressing on the perimeter than a door of aluminum. A key-plate with a hook in five points is installed on an entrance plastic door without fail, for good abutting on the whole perimeter.

In the bottom of plastic doors, a gliding weather strip comes instead of the second thrust sealing, which increases air permeability. A distinctive feature of entrance doors of the plant “Continent-Windows” is that special angle “heel” is inserted into bottom part of angle connection which increases significantly rigidity and durability of construction.

An aluminum threshold is installed on entrance door. It can be both cold and warm (with thermal insertion).


Balcony doors

A balcony door is in fact a window, but of bigger size. With the purpose of increasing safety and strength, a balcony door is often divided with a transom bar, where the bottom part is made of warm sandwich-panel. A balcony door is made of window profiles, and usual window furniture is placed on it. Due to that, such a door has excellent pressing on the whole perimeter. Furniture on the door can be rotary or rotary-folding. Balcony doors can be completed with: mosquito.

•    different kinds of handles (window handles are used);
•    catches (“smoker’s handles”);
•    mosquito nets.

For a balcony door to function correctly during long years, the plant “Continent-Windows” uses high-quality reliable furniture. Furniture provides comfortable door opening and closing, it retains the door leaf and it allows secure door locking. Depending on the kind of door handle – single-sided or two-sided, the door will be to close either from the room or from the both sides – from the room and from the side of the balcony. A handle with a lock can be installed for additional protection.

A balcony door can be a plate glass door; an unglazed door (of sandwich panel) and (which is mostly used) glazed at the top and unglazed at the bottom. But for originality of door trimming, an oblique transom bar can be installed.

There are special door mosquito nets for such doors. These nets are fixed onto hinges and open outside as an additional door.



пластиковые межкомнатные двериInterior doors of PVC and aluminum

It is usual for us to associate the term of interior doors with a wooden door. But not at all rooms it is possible and reasonable to install wooden doors or doors of wood-chip materials. There are rooms with high humidity or temperature. It can be bathrooms in a house, and in public premises, such as swimming pools, saunas, public catering rooms, installation of wooden doors is absolutely contraindicated. PVC or aluminum – these are materials of which the plant “Continent-Windows” makes doors for special rooms. They are absolutely water-resistant, resistant to temperature drops and are intended for such kind of objects. There are service rooms with high passability – these are shops, offices. In this case highly reliable are doors of aluminum. Here one can be sure that a hinge will not be “torn out” of door casing with the time.

And besides, doors of aluminum have an attractive price and can have individual color suited for interior design of an office or a shop.

Interior doors of PVC or aluminum are mostly used in shops and commercial office rooms. It is reasonable to make such doors of aluminum profile systems due to their attractive price, good rigidity and lightness of construction. For these reasons, aluminum doors are indispensable and are successfully used in rooms with high frequency of opening – such as shops and offices. Doors of aluminum have special furniture which provides continuous functioning of doors during many years. Interior doors can be plate glass doors, unglazed doors (with aluminum door panel which is composed of planks 80 mm wide), a door can be separated with transom bars for beauty and for additional rigidity. Transom bars can be placed horizontally, vertically, at an angle, intercross with each other.

A profile can be painted in one of colors in standard RAL palette in accurate accordance with color design of your office. Glass can be inserted both single and as a glass packet. Glass can be both transparent and decorative. More in detail about that can be read in the section «decorating of glass packets».

You can learn about interior doors of wood-based materials in the section Interior doors.

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