Glazing of balconies – revolutionary methods

Previously less importance was drawn to design of balconies. But the balcony is a part of the building façade and a part of the room interior. There are several variants of glazing balconies and loggias.


безрамное остекление балконов Frameless glazing (cold). 
- Possibility of getting full view without obstacles. Possibility of folding the whole construction to the wall.
- Convenience of care

остекление балконаSliding system aluminum Framex S-22 (cold).
- Economy of space for wide opening a leaf.
- Cold, the balcony without greenhouse effect.
- Large number of profile colors.

Tilt-sliding construction (warm).
- Economy of space for wide opening a leaf.
- The warm balcony, can be a part of the room.
- Wide possibilities in variation of leaf sizes.


остекление балкона

Glazing with constructions of window profile systems.
- The warm balcony, can be a part of the room.
- Glazing from plate to plate is possible.

 Frameless glazing of balconies and loggias 

  безрамное остекление  безрамное остекление балконов

The company “Continent-Windows” rushes to present a novelty at the market of Ukraine – frameless glazing of balconies and loggias. This is a modern kind of glazing which allows not having obstacles for view and makes balcony, loggia or terrace glazing both inside and outside practically invisible and light. The glass holds dust and leaves from outside to get into balcony. In the wide open position, glaze sections are easily accessible for washing.

безрамное остекление - принцип работы безрамное остекление балкона - внешний вид застеклить балкон - безрамка

With possible large glazing area      Position with folded construction the best field of view         The access to all surfaces for care is very convenient                        

From outside the system is a continuous glass wall without frames and vertical poles. Visually it increases the balcony space, and it is practically invisible in closed position. Along with obvious esthetic advantages, frameless glazing systems create a complex of additional consumer features. They are additional heat and acoustic insulation, and finally convenience of hygienic service of balcony glazing.

Panels of frameless glazing of balconies and loggias are made of special tempered glass. They can be freely rolled by means of roll carriages on rails fixed in the upper and lower edges of aperture. The balcony can be opened completely by moving glass sections aside and turning them to the wall where they fold up into a kind of a “book” and take quite little space. In closed position, glazing is locked.

Besides glazing of balconies and loggias, glazing of large-size apertures is possible. Splendid effect can be obtained by such glazing a terrace of a private house, walls of a café or a restaurant. There is a feeling of complete presence in the street. Such kind of glazing is simply indispensable when a wall facing a garden is to be glazed, when a hotel or a café is situated in the park, at the sea shore or in some other picturesque place.

безрамное остекление  

Sliding system of cold aluminum Framex S22


It has wide application for glazing balconies and loggias. The point is that in these premises there should be strong enough ventilation to prevent greenhouse effect when clothes are drying, or from the flowers. Humidity which appears on a hermetic balcony can lead even to appearing of mould. When using a sliding system, the space in the loggia doesn’t change with open leaf. The leaves move on rollers thereof polymeric coating gives noiselessness and smoothness for moving. In closed position, the leaves are blocked with a snap-lock, which provides safety and fixation of closed leaves. All constructions of this series can be completed with sliding mosquito nets.

And besides, a sliding system of cold aluminum has a very attractive price and it can be painted in any color of the standard RAL palette (section “decoration of profiles”).

Presently these systems find in Ukraine more and more wide application, since they allow solving a whole complex of questions connected with finishing a balcony or a loggia.

Tilt-sliding construction. “Warm” glazing

Tilt-sliding construction, principle construction thereof is similar to a moving-off door of the “Ikarus” bus: at first the leaf moves forward, and than on the guide piece it moves behind the dead part of the sliding door.

Such construction has the advantage of economy of space for opening, as in cold aluminum system, but additionally it is warm. Tilt-sliding Framex system is used at warm glazing of balconies and loggias in height from handrails to the top.

We do not recommend using this principle for sliding doors with high passability because of an inconvenient doorsill. In fact the doorsill is in this construction a window frame which is not intended for being frequently stepped on. Therefore wherever it is necessary to make a folding-sliding door, the frame should be protected with special overlay, if it exists. Framex profile system has such overlay (material is aluminum).

Glazing with window profile systems

остекление балкона  застеклить балкон

With such glazing type, both separately upper opening part of balcony can be replaced completely, and, if desired, the lower, dead part.

Finishing is usually performed with one of PVC systems or with warm aluminum system. At that, the lower part is mostly completed with sandwich-panels. With such glazing type, the balcony will be warm and hermetic. This is an obligatory condition, for example, in case the balcony is a part of a room.

The upper and the lower part of the balcony can be combined of separate constructions, for example, in case the upper part is to be sliding. Yet for safety reasons, the lower part of the balcony should not open. In any case, the manager in the shop will always suggest an optimal variant for every particular case.