Guarantee of quality of the construction is manufacturer’s strictness to itself. Our windows were time-proved, they are certified and by right highly apprehended by strict supervisory authorities and rating companies.

panoramic windowsGuarantee of functionality of items produced by the plant from PVC profile systems during 30 years. Repairs and after-sales service are to be performed during all that time. Before warranty time expires, servicing is performed free of charge. After expiration of warranty time it is performed paid.


Guarantee of normal functioning of MASO furniture in window and door constructions during 10 years.



Guarantee of quality and absence of weeping between glass packet windows during 5 years.



Guarantee of continuous work and normal functioning of main elements of window and door constructions of PVC during three years. Guarantee covers profile system, glass packet, furniture.



Guarantee of coating coherency of additional elements to the window: handles, window-sills, bird’s-beak ornaments, mosquito nets – 1 year.




You have made the right choice and now you have at your home high-quality metal-plastic windows from the plant “Continent-Windows”! There are some rules for your windows to keep their appearance and high-quality characteristics for a long period:

After mounting:



Do not open windows for 24 hours after installation (mounting foam should congeal well);





Do not leave protective film on the profile for more than one month under impact of sun rays, it may leave traces on the profile and it will be more difficult to remove;





Wash windows – glass and profile – with soft dusters and ordinary detergents intended for windows.


Window care:


Never use rigid sponges, metallic objects and aggressive or abrasive detergents (powders of cleaning bathroom equipment, acetone, solvents etc.);






If there appeared obstinate stains on the windows – use professional means of Cosmofen series, or apply to the firm which performed mounting your windows.



Modern furniture in metallic-plastic windows will serve for long, as the whole window, if you lubricate it once a year with ordinary machine oil. The rests of oil are to be removed after lubricating!

If necessary, the furniture can be adjusted by with a screwdriver. Never hang anything on a handle, do not load the window, and keep windows closed during home improvement to prevent getting construction rubbish and dust on the furniture.

For rubber sealer care, it is enough to wipe them dry after washing windows, and also lubricating them once a years with a silicone pencil.

It is obligatory to air the room regularly. The flow of fresh air is not only guarantee of healthy microclimate and good well-being, but also is prophylaxis of condensate formation on the windows and increasing humidity in the home. In the winter period, for complete air renewal in the room it is enough to open all windows and doors for 2-4 minutes. With that, the home will not have enough time to get cold which will not lead to increase of expenses for heating.

For improving operational features and increasing the life-time, it is recommended to equip door leaves of entrance doors with door closers.

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Production area up to 10000 m2. Own glazing workshop. Capacity up to 500 constructions a day. Staff over 400 persons.