The opening of the new manufacturing area

The long-awaited event, which was prepared during more than 1 year, happened. In the very center of Ukraine, Cherkassy region, Smila a new plant for the PVC and aluminum window and door production is opened. At the new production the windows are made of different configurations: white and laminated, big and small, rectangular and complex shapes. The first windows were produced on the first spring day, and this fact that brought additional joy to the staff of the new production.

The new plant is equipped with modern equipment. There is such equipment as a welding machine Urban for non-standard constructions, 4-Head CNC welding machine Fimtec SL4Q, and a saw center CAT-500. The modern plant Lisec for the production of insulating glass units with gas-filling machine and space bender machine produces insulating glass units with high thermal insulating and sound insulating properties.

Start capacity of the new production is 20 000 sq.m. of constructions per month.

The product of the factory corresponds to the requirements of the EU countries in quality and component parts, but it has much more attractive price.