Water drains

 Aluminum water drains Zinc-coated water drains

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Window water drains are an integral accessory of windows and they are a flat and wide profile installed outside the window and intended for rain water draining. Glazing of houses is inseparably connected with water draining system, that is, every high-quality window should be equipped with drain, otherwise the wall under the window will become damp constantly from inside the room, humidity in the rooms will increase, and mould and fungus may grow.





Aluminum water drains

Aluminum water drains 1.5 mm thick are made by the roll-forming method, of aluminum stripe 1.5 mm thick, dyed by the powder spraying method and without painting.
Corrosive resistance of aluminum alloys provides long life of water drains. Modern technologies of dying and methods of protection of work surface give the following features to the product:
 - Resistance to impacts of rainfalls, including acid rains;
 - Range of operation temperatures from the lowest to +80 degrees;
 - High resistance to mechanical impacts;
 - Immunity to dust pollution;
 - The keep presentable view for decades.
Dying with powder dye, coating thickness is 80 micron.
Standard width of aluminum water drain: 90, 150, 210 mm.
Standard applied color is white, but optionally and by agreement, the product can be dyed in any color of the RAL palette.



 Zinc-coated water drains 

Standard width of zinc-coated water drains, mm – 100, 150, 200, 250, 300. As the customer wishes, production of water drains of individual width is possible. Period of production is up to 10 work days.
Such water drains have esthetic appearance; not expensive; resistant to impacts of rainfalls, temperature drops.
Water drains are made of strip of zinc-coated steel 0.5 and 0.55 mm thick; by the method of bending on roll-forming machines to the needed configuration. For dying, powder dye based on polyester with high resistance is used. Before dying, zinc-coated drains undergo chemical treatment with HENKEL preparations. The dying process is performed at specialized equipment of “ITW-GEMA” with AKZONOBEL powder-polymeric dye. Dying with powder dye, coating thickness is 100 micron. Zinc steel is very convenient for production of water drains; it keeps the dye well, and has no significant drawbacks.
- They keep esthetic appearance during long time;
- Not expensive;
- Thickness of zinc-coated water drain of 0.5 and 0.55 mm provides rigid fixation on the window profile, it does not make noise at bid rain loading (it does not patter), unlike water drains produced from rolled sheet 0.40 mm thick.
- Water drains are coated with polymeric-powder dye of well-known manufacturers with full chemical preparation by modern technology, which provides high quality of coating and its long life. It is practically impossible to damage this coating on the water drain during mounting.
Standard applied color is white, but optionally and by agreement, the product can be dyed in any color of the RAL palette.